Inrix to launch updated historical traffic speeds product

Inrix to launch updated historical traffic speeds product
Inrix, a US provider of traffic information yesterday announced the upcoming availability of the latest version of its historical traffic speeds product, Nationwide Average Speeds (NAS) version 2.0.

Designed for navigation application providers and device manufacturers to improve the accuracy of fastest route calculations, NAS provides “typical” or average speeds and travel times in as short as 5 minute increments for each day of the week, by season and for holidays across all major freeways, highways and arterial roads throughout the U.S.

To calculate average speeds, INRIX leverages over 5 billion specific data points from the past two years from the INRIX Smart Dust Network, combining data from over 650,000 GPS-enabled vehicles and virtually all of the DOT road sensors across the country. Additionally, leveraging INRIX’s unique Bayesian predictive analytics, NAS 2.0 features typical traffic on both major and minor U.S. holidays, as well as the more severely congested days leading into holidays.

This type of data - while obviously not replacing real-time traffic information - is very useful to avoid - or at least be aware of - the biggest traffic problems, for example when driving in an unknown city during rush hours.

Thursday, July 19th 2007

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