Helio shows the way to pervasive location on new Mysto phone

Helio shows the way to pervasive location on new Mysto phone
U.S. wireless operator Helio today introduced Mysto, a phone developed by Samsung that not only have GPS but makes a real use of it.

Indeed, with the introduction of WHERE and Tellme, Mysto expands on Helio's line-up of GPS-enabled services that already include geo-tagged images and videos uploaded to Flickr and YouTube, friend finder application Buddy Beacon, Google Maps for mobile and Garmin Mobile in-car navigation.

Tellme, WHERE
Tellme, a Microsoft subsidiary, lets users simply press one button and say a word to receive local search results, without the need to type a word or input their location. Tellme returns local listings containing phone numbers, maps, turn-by-turn directions and the ability to SMS the listing to friends.

WHERE, a service of uLocate Communications, is a mobile GPS widget platform that gives users access to a library of location-enabled applications. WHERE provides information on things like local weather and events based on the user's current location. WHERE is accessible on Mysto through its location-aware mobile browser and is a free service for Helio members.

This is the second carrier launch of WHERE this month after MetroPCS. “We are actively expanding our relationships with North American carriers,” said Walt Doyle, CEO of uLocate Communications. “We look forward to providing Helio members with access to our growing library of location enabled content.”

Pervasive location

“Consumers would like to see the power of location be used to make their lives easier by enhancing the things they already do with their mobile devices”, said recently Kanwar Chadha, vice president marketing at SiRF. “To achieve this, they need an out-of-the-box locative experience where location permeates everything they do with their mobile device,” he added. With this new line up of pre-installed location-aware applications Helio gives a glimpse of what the future will look like for mobile users.

Wednesday, January 16th 2008

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