Harman, Continental & Bosch: 70% of the Western European OE Nav Market

Harman, Continental & Bosch: 70% of the Western European OE Nav Market
In a report called “In-Car Audio, Infotainment & Driver Information Systems”, IMS Research shows that the top three European tier-1 manufacturers of navigation head units, Harman, Continental, and Bosch Multimedia, are holding almost 70% of the Western European OE navigation market.

In this report IMS Research analyst Jack Bergquist also notices that the connected car revolution has made little mark in Europe in comparison to North America, as recently see at the CES trade show. ”Obviously, there are a few high-end systems from the likes of BMW and Audi; but for the volume market, with the exception of Volvo’s emergency calling system, currently only TomTom offers an affordable connected package with their high-end PND systems”, he wrote.

Bergquist is wondering which volume vehicle manufacturer in Europe will take the first step to introduce a wide-spread roll-out of a connected platform. He is also questioning whether a new player such as TomTom would not be able to “steal the show” for the established players in this arena.

At a worldwide level, IMS Research estimates that over 13 million new vehicles will be sold in 2017 with a connected platform.

Wednesday, January 19th 2011

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