HTC Footprints, geotagging with a twist

HTC Footprints, geotagging with a twist
HTC presented yesterday its new Smartphone HTC Touch Cruise featuring new geotagging software called HTC Footprints. This software can not only tag the picture location with the built-in GPS but also uses cell-ID as a fallback technology for indoor pictures. In addition, the name of the picture is geotagged with its place and date (such as paris_jan24_2008.jpg), allowing an easier retrieval of the photo in the future.

Technologically speaking there is nothing revolutionary in that software but HTC is the first to offer these 2 features (cell-ID and location-based picture naming) in a Smartphone which are real improvements for the user.

The Cruise may also be used as a navigation device, providing turn-by-turn navigation thanks to the included software. It will come with an in-car cradle for docking. When docked the Smartphone automatically turns into navigation mode

Unlike HTC Footprints which will be available for all markets, the navigation software will depend on the region: for example, TomTom Mobile will be available for some European markets and PapaGo (from Maction) will be the choice for Taiwan.

This device will be available to customers across all major global markets in Spring 2009.

Friday, January 23rd 2009

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