HP Labs releases a consumer toolkit to create location based experiences

HP Labs releases a consumer toolkit to create location based experiences
HP today announced “mscape” a prototype software suite and website to enable people to design, create and share location-based experiences, games and tours with friends, family and others, anywhere in the world. "mscape," overlays digital sight, sounds and interactions on the physical world to create immersive and interactive experiences called mediascapes.

Users equipped with a GPS-enabled Windows mobile device running the mscape player can move through the physical world, triggering digital media - including images, text, sounds, audio and video - in response to physical events such as location, proximity, time and movement. Josephine Reid, who is leading the HP Labs team said: “We think of this as a new medium, like a digital fourth dimension laid over a physical space”.

The site, http://www.mscapers.com, allows consumers to create, post and share their digital location-based mediascape experiences. Mediascapes can be created using simple, web-based authoring wizards. For more advanced mediascapes, a PC-based authoring toolkit is available for download.

The mscape offers consumers and professionals an easy way to create digital tourism guides or location-based games. Once a user has created a mediascape, it can be published on the website, to be made available to the public.

Tuesday, May 8th 2007

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