GyPSii signs up Samsung for social networking platform

GyPSii signs up Samsung for social networking platform
GeoSentric Oyj, which operates the location-enabled social networking platform GyPSii, has announced yesterday it has entered into a multi-year worldwide agreement with Samsung. Under the terms of the agreement, GyPSii will provide technology, products, worldwide data center infrastructure, and GyPSii branding rights to Samsung, on a worldwide non-exclusive basis for a range of Samsung products. GyPSii’s leading mobility digital lifestyle application will be initially be bundled on Samsung’s Omnia (SGH-i900) and SGH-i780 as an embedded application.

"The agreement has provisions for revenue sharing between GyPSii and Samsung, utilizing the business models enabled by GyPSii", stated the press release from GeoSentric.

“Social networking and location-based services on the mobile phone are now mainstream, so
we looked to emerging innovators in the industry to support and deliver these value-added
services,” said WS Lee, Vice President of R&D, at Samsung Electronics Mobile Business.

This agreement with the number two worldwide handset manufacturer is definitely an important milestone for GyPSii. Last month agreement with Garmin for the Nuvifone was a good sign, but this Samsung deal is likely to bring millions of new users to GyPSii.

This agreement also proves iGyPSii go-to-market strategy – to target worldwide handset makers instead of the slow moving process of signing deals with local wireless operators – is delivering results. However, there is still a long way to go for GyPSii: there are many competitors on this market and all are racing to get a significant installed base. Some are competing in the same field (with location features); others, which already have large number of users, will add location features to their applications as the number of location-enabled devices expands.

Tuesday, July 29th 2008

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