Google Debuts StreetView Crowdsourcing

Google yesterday announced in blog post that users can now create their own Street View experiences with a new feature that allow to connect photosphere taken with an Android smartphone or a digital camera.

Once the photo spheres are connected and published, people can navigate between them on Google Maps, just like they can in Street View.

This crowdsourcing of Street View data offers a solution to a huge problem for Google: keeping 5 million unique miles (8 million km) of Street View fresh and accurate.

As we pointed out in March 2013 in a detailed article (read here), there is a sizeable part of the Street View coverage that has not been refreshed since 2008-2009.

That might not be a big issue if you want to look at Stonehenge or Niagara Falls, but if you want to see the front door of a store in a city, there is a good chance the business that was there in 2008 in not any more present in 2013.

As a consequence there is a strong need for Google to come up with a crowdsourced way to update Street View. Yesterday’s announcement is the beginning of that.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013

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