Global Locate filed complaint with ITC against SiRF and some of its customers

Global Locate filed complaint with ITC against SiRF and some of its customers
Global Locate, Inc. has filed a complaint yesterday with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) against SiRF Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRF) and four of its customers: E-TEN, Pharos, Mitac and Mio. The complaint alleges that certain SiRF GPS devices and the products and of E-TEN, Pharos, MiTAC and Mio containing SiRF’s GPS devices infringe six patents concerning various GPS technologies. The complaint requests that the ITC institute an immediate investigation of the accused products and issue exclusion and cease and desist orders prohibiting the importation into the United States of the accused SiRF devices and products that contain them.

In related news, Global Locate also responded to SiRF’s complaint against Global Locate in the ITC (Investigation No. 337-TA-596). Global Locate believes that SiRF’s claims are merely a reaction to Global Locate’s continued market successes and that SiRF’s case lacks merit and will fail. Global Locate is prepared to defend against SiRF’s allegations vigorously.

This is just another day in the intellectual property war raging between SiRF and Global Locate. This war started immediately after Global Locate announced it won a deal with TomTom for its entry-level TomTom One product, which previously used SiRF StarIII chipset. Interestingly Global Locate is now also attacking SiRF customers to extend the damage of its complaint. This is pretty surprising, because Global Locate is basically attacking some potential big customers such as Mitac.

Eventually this will be settled one day behind closed doors, intellectual property lawyers being as usual the biggest winners in the case.

Tuesday, April 3rd 2007

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