GfK Location Insights Launched in the U.S

GfK Location Insights Launched in the U.S
Market research firm GfK has launched this week in the United States Location Insights, a service that uses anonymous Cell-ID-based location data to help retailers understand the movements and demographics of crowds around and in specific stores.

The location data from the network is combined with socio-demographic profiles from GfK consumer research and the US Census.

Location Insights allows retailers to improve their decision making in the following areas:
- Observe visitor traffic for competitive retail sites 
- Identify store locations with the greatest sales potential and competitive positioning 

- Optimize mix of local marketing and advertising, and monitor competitor ad effectiveness

- Compare store sales to metrics such as foot traffic and loyal shopper frequency across your store portfolio

Tailor assortment to more closely fit changing demographics of foot traffic

Determine when and where to place Out of Home advertising to best reach targets and optimize advertising campaigns

A few months ago GfK partnered with Telefónica to offer a similar product in Europe and South America (read more here).

Tuesday, January 15th 2013

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