Germany gets free off-board navigation

Germany gets free off-board navigation
German phone directory Das Oertlich has launched last week Ö-Navi, a free off-board navigation solution powered by Jentro with an advertising-based business model. The software is available for download for free on and banners are displayed on the top of the navigation screen during the routing and feature local advertising. German customers only need to have a data plan and to buy a Bluetooth GPS receiver or to have a GPS-enabled mobile phone for using this solution.

The navigation software offers state of the art functionalities: 2D and 3D views, voice commands with street names and highways exit names, local search powered by Das Oertlich, full Germany phone directory searchable by name and phone number, nearest and cheapest gas station database, Traffic information and Western Europe maps.

This new solution demonstrates again (read our article about Mappy in France) the beginning of the phone directory companies in the navigation space, disrupting the market with their advertising-based business models. Wireless operators competing on this market will have to re-think their strategy accordingly: whether to partner with these competitors or decrease their prices and launch value added services if they want to maintain a subscription-based model.

Tuesday, June 26th 2007

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