GeoSpot launches U.S. wide local search with time filter

GeoSpot launches U.S. wide local search with time filter
LBS company GeoSpot today announced the U.S. wide availability of GeoSpot Deep Local Search on Web and Mobile Web. This comes one year after GeoSpot demonstrated in North California its local search with time filter – ability to search and only show results for businesses and points of interest (POIs) that are open now or at a user-requested time.

With Deep Local Search, users can search for a myriad of business characteristics such as what is open at a particular time, which establishments provide sought-out products or services, POI’s affiliations and certifications (e.g. green-certified), accessibility, brands of credit cards accepted, products (e.g. organic food), facilities (e.g. public restrooms), recurring events (e.g. happy hours), and cultural and lifestyle characteristics (e.g. Spanish-speaking, kid-friendly or dog-friendly).

GeoSpot now claims to have hundreds of cities with 50% to 95% of its restaurants searchable by hours of operation.

GeoSpot service works on any browser-enabled phone including iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Android- and Windows Mobile-based handsets. GeoSpot’s content and local search engine are also available for licensing by developers of LBS applications and platforms, such as mobile phones, PNDs or in-dash navigation units.

According to Dr. Egil Juliussen, Principal Analyst & Fellow of market research firm iSuppli, "An early player in the market, GeoSpot is providing the in-depth POI and LBS data that will be needed for future growth of search-based mobile devices."

Time relevant POIs

GeoSpot is adding what navigation solutions providers have mostly failed to deliver to their customers until now: deep content and time relevant POIs. If I am driving a city after midnight and looking for a restaurant, having hundreds of restaurant icons on my PND screen is not relevant, I would prefer to have just a few, but those that are open. The same applies to almost all POI categories.

The experience shows me that I would probably agree to pay a small fee for that, at least in some particular situations such as finding an open restaurant in Palo Alto after 11pm, a gas station with credit card open on Sunday in Italy or a drug store open at night in Paris.

Tuesday, February 24th 2009

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