GeoEye-1 in orbit: 0.5m resolution imagery starting this fall

Copyright: GeoEye
Copyright: GeoEye
GeoEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: GEOY), a provider of satellite and aerial imagery, announced last week the successful launch and deployment of GeoEye-1, the world's highest resolution, commercial Earth-imaging satellite.

Bill Schuster, GeoEye COO, said, "Based upon the data we saw, the satellite is performing properly and ready to begin the next phase towards meeting its mission requirements." GeoEye-1 will now undergo a calibration and check-out period before imagery products will be available for sale. "Later this fall, we will start providing high-resolution color imagery of the Earth from our newest satellite to customers around the globe,” added GeoEye CEO Matthew O'Connell.

GeoEye-1 will simultaneously collect 0.41-meter ground resolution black-and-white (panchromatic) images and 1.65-meter color (multispectral) images. Designed to take digital images of the Earth from 423 miles (681 kilometers) and moving at a speed of about four-and-a-half miles (seven kilometers) per second, the satellite camera can distinguish objects on the Earth's surface as small as 0.41-meter or 16 inches in size. Due to U.S. licensing restrictions, commercial customers will get access to imagery at half-meter ground resolution.

GeoEye provides satellite imagery to Google Maps and other location-based services; however most of the revenue of the company is done through multi-million dollar contracts with the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

Friday, September 12th 2008

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