Garmin sources mobile TV receiver from DiBcom

Garmin sources mobile TV receiver from DiBcom
DiBcom, a fabless semiconductor specializing in mobile TV chipsets, has announced today its technology will be powering the Garmin nüvi 900, the first Garmin device with mobile TV that is expected to hit the shelves this summer sold by wireless operator 3 Italy.

Last month the European Commission endorsed DVB-H as the preferred technology for terrestrial mobile broadcasting. The European Commission considers 2008 “to be a crucial year for Mobile TV take-up in the EU due to important sports events, such as the European Football Championship and the Summer Olympic Games, which will provide a unique opportunity for raising consumers' awareness and for the adoption of new services”, said an official statement.

DVB-H is currently the most widely used standard for Mobile TV in the European Union, between trials and commercial launch in 16 countries. Commercial DVB-H services are already available in Italy, with further launches expected later this year notably in Finland, Austria, France, Switzerland and Spain.

Garmin could therefore extend the sale of its device to other markets in the European Union in the near future.

Wednesday, April 9th 2008

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