Garmin commercial: Maposaurus dead, Yao Ming back

NBA star Yao Ming
NBA star Yao Ming
Garmin unveiled this week its new commercial for the summer travel season. Looking at it one might think the brief given by Garmin to the creative guys at the advertising agency Fallon has been: “make it straightforward”. Indeed, the last commercial broadcast during Super Bowl in February was featuring Maposaurus, a monster born from a paper map fighting against a Garmin superhero, in a Japanese sc-fi revival genre, with a hard rock sound track. The ad was probably not very intelligible as a 30 seconds format for the average John Doe. A panel of teachers and MBA students at the Kellogg school of management even declared it the worst ad of the Super Bowl; what the people at Garmin would call in their blog - with a nice euphemism - “a tremendous amount of scrutiny”.

Therefore back to basics: a couple is lost in his car, they are fighting about where to go, then NBA superstar Yao Ming jump out of the billboard nearby with its Garmin and save the day. Lost+Garmin= Found. We guess even the MBA students at Kellogg will get it this time.

The new commercial is available here on YouTube.
For more information about the marketing budget for this campaign, read our previous article here

Friday, May 18th 2007

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