Garmin, carComp deliver satnav in rearview mirror

Garmin, carComp deliver satnav in rearview mirror
Garmin and German car accessory company carComp have announced today a partnership to sell a rearview mirror that integrates a 3.5 inch display navigation system.

CCMirrorNAVI will be available from car accessories retailers in Germany at the end of April for a €299. If we consider the massive design of this product - and that the standard price of a 3.5 inch nüvi is between €99 and €129 - it makes for a very expensive rearview mirror.

Garmin and carComp are however not the first to develop this kind of solution. U.S.-based Azentek has launched its SmartMirror a while ago and its design is much better looking, despite a bigger, 4 inch screen. It cost $600 but also integrate hands-free Bluetooth speaker. Last month at CeBIT Azentek even demonstrated the second version of its product which will include a 4.3 inch screen and an optional back-up camera and will retail for $799. The first version is said to have been a sales hit, Azentek having difficulties to keep up with demand.

Thursday, April 16th 2009

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