Garmin HUD To Minimize Driver Distraction (Video)

Garmin demonstrated a range of new infotainment technologies for automakers at the CES 2014, among these is their Head Up Display designed to minimize distractions behind the wheel.

Garmin is indeed putting a lot of work in designing its user interface in order to minimize driver distraction, a particularly hot topic in the United States.

In an effort to balancing functionality with simplicity, the interface includes a passive state as well as an interactive mode. The passive state presents customizable audio, navigation or communication content just below the driver’s line of site.

A simple interface provides important information at a glance. The navigation view, for example, can show information such as junction views, lane guidance, speed limit and safety warnings.

A proximity sensor on the steering wheel activates an interactive mode on the HUD that allows users to switch between the different pages. Two steering wheel buttons let users select in-menu options, such as start a route, view traffic information, change a radio station or initiate a phone call.

Users can save presets in each menu for quick access while on the road and eyes facing straight ahead. The audio menu, for example, could contain saved radio stations, playlists and songs.

Friday, January 10th 2014

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