FindWhere launch free buddy finder; to generate revenue via premium services

FindWhere launch free buddy finder; to generate revenue via premium services
FindWhere, a provider of tracking and location services, announced today the beta launch of Livecontacts, its free buddy finder service that works on Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile GPS-enabled phones. The company will finance this free service through the upsell to premium services.

“Web 2.0 democratized media, freeing speech, video, product reviews and much more to every person with Internet access,” said Jaap Groot, FindWhere’s CEO. “Because Internet users expect location information for free, pay-for-use plans have dramatically inhibited the growth of location-based applications. As FindWhere extends this online revolution to the mobile phone, the next frontier includes integrating free location information to catalyze a wide variety of social applications”.

But unlike many start-ups that think advertising will allow them to the rent someday in the future, FindWhere has been in the fleet tracking business since 2001 and it currently serves over 18,000 users (and tracks more than 200,000 products). Moreover, the company has a real plan to generate revenue out of this free service. “FindWhere's core compentency is providing peace of mind service using location aware devices”, said Melanie Davidson, director of marketing. “Our unique feature set includes virtual perimeters for cars or mobile devices, teenage speeding notifications, a lost phone finder and emergency alerts. FindWhere will provide individual users the option to upgrade to these premium services for nominal fees.”

Tuesday, April 15th 2008

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