Escort Ships PND with Radar/Laser Detector

Escort Ships PND with Radar/Laser Detector
Escort Inc., a U.S. provider of radar and laser detector, yesterday announced PASSPORT iQ, a Personal Navigation Device that combines turn-by-turn navigation with laser, radar, red-light camera and speedcam detection.

The PASSPORT iQ fits in the usual form factor of a PND with a radar antenna integrated in the back and front and rear laser lenses.

"ESCORT engineers were able to change the standard radar detector form by designing a radically new microwave antenna assembly," said Tim Coomer, ESCORT's vice president of New Product Development.

The Passport iQ boasts a 5-inch screen and NAVTEQ map data. The navigation software comes from an undisclosed third party.

The PASSPORT iQ is priced at $650 and the product comes with a free 90-day subscription to Escort's Defender Database of traffic-light, speed-trap, and speed-camera locations. It costs $30 for a one-year subscription and $50 for three years.

ESCORT plans to expand the PASSPORT iQ platform by developing an optional model that includes Bluetooth technology and real-time traffic.

Thursday, October 28th 2010

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