Disney to shut down MVNO, family locator

Disney to shut down MVNO, family locator
Disney today announced that it will stop operations of its U.S.-based Mobile Virtual network Operator (MVNO) Disney Mobile at the end of this year. This MVNO was targeting families with young children and teenagers. The Family Center suite allowed users the ability to display the location of a child's handset on a map, to limit when and how the child's phone is used, and to set limits on expenditures in terms of voice and data.

Disney said it is exploring opportunities with major U.S. carriers with regard to a new business model for the Family Center features. Disney did the same when shutting down its other MVNO Mobile ESPN which now exists as an application available through Verizon Wireless.

Last April Disney Mobile released some statistics about the use of its child tracker. According to its CEO George Grobar, 30% of the users subscribed to the « Family Locator » option at $13 a month. The child tracker was used an average of 14 times per month per user.

“Family Locator” was powered by Autodesk’s LocationLogic platform.

Thursday, September 27th 2007

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