Coyote Systems Chooses Jasper Wireless for Speedcam locator’s connectivity

Coyote Systems Chooses Jasper Wireless for Speedcam locator’s connectivity
Jasper Wireless and Coyote Systems announced today their partnership to power mini-Coyote, a GPRS-connected speedcam locator. Jasper Wireless’ machine-to-machine (M2M) service platform allows Coyote Systems to remotely monitor individual devices in all the countries where it operates, while using one Global SIM.

“The Jasper Wireless M2M service platform brings us the automation we need. It enables us to manage all SIMs without any human intervention – not only do our operational costs decrease, but this automated process is also more reliable, faster and scalable,” said Jean-Marc Van Laethem, CTO of Coyote Systems.

In France, where the alert system was launched in February, the Coyote community is said to number more than 50,000 users. The mini-Coyote alert system was launched in the UK at the beginning of November and is available through internet distributors and high-street retailers. The device is also available today in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and will be launched in Benelux later in the year, with Spain, Italy and Portugal expected to launch in the first quarter of 2009.

Mini Coyote retails for €199 and the monthly subscription is €12.

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Wednesday, November 19th 2008

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