CosmicNavigation deals with TomTom for content

CosmicNavigation deals with TomTom for content
PND maker TomTom has signed a partnership contract with the developer of GPS products from Amsterdam, CosmicNavigation, to sell cycling, marine and touring content to its customers.

CosmicNavigation has been developing PND content for several years and some of these datasets were specifically built for TomTom users although the PND maker was not initially supporting it.

Olivier Chevalier, Director of CosmicNavigation: "We are very proud to be the first company to work together with TomTom on ‘third party content’. This way we can get access directly into the target group. We are already working together with some great companies and institutions, such as Batavus, HISWA and Dutch governmental agencies. But this partnership with TomTom is really special to us.”

With the CyclingAtlas (€29,95), TomTom users can follow over 200 cycling routes in the Netherlands directly on their TomTom. With the NauticAtlas (€89), users can add the official marine data of the Dutch inland-waters to their TomTom device. Both Atlasses are datasets that have been especially developed so they can be added to the TeleAtlas maps as an exta layer. This way the user can get all the possible information on it’s position, the route to follow and the surroundings. In the near future the Atlas product range will be expanded with different editions, such as the TourAtlas, legendary touristic routes for car navigation throughout Europe.

Each of these datasets are supported by a web portal allowing users to add and share their own routes. At first the Atlasses will be sold to Dutch TomTom users, but CosmicNavigation is already developing the international editions of these databases.

Currently, the Atlas products are being sold in the traditional shops that sell TomTom devices and through CosmicNavigation’s mobility portal, With this partnership they will be advertised on TomTom website, newsletters and desktop application, HOME.

Wednesday, July 8th 2009

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