Connected Car Meets Wearable: Mercedes-Benz Partners with Pebble

Connected Car Meets Wearable: Mercedes-Benz Partners with Pebble
Mercedes-Benz has announced a partnership with smart watch maker Pebble in the run-up to the 2014 CES trade show.

At its CES booth, Mercedes-Benz will demonstrate how an intelligently networked vehicle becomes a part of the "internet of things"; for this proof of concept, the developers at Mercedes Silicon Valley office have enabled their Digital DriveStyle app to communicate with Pebble smart watches.

For example, when away from their vehicle, Mercedes-Benz drivers can review important vehicle information at a glance like fuel level, door-lock status, and vehicle location using their Pebble smart watch.

In the car, the watch app can alert the driver to real-time hazards like accidents, road construction, or stalled vehicles by vibrating the watch. 

In addition, users pairing their device can customize the three watch buttons to activate their favourite Digital DriveStyle features like reporting hazards, auto-routing, Siri activation, remote-controlling media, or showing nearby traffic conditions.

Friday, December 27th 2013

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