CompeGPS to launch Crossover Navigation Device at CeBIT

CompeGPS to launch Crossover Navigation Device at CeBIT
Spanish off-road navigation software editor CompeGPS has announced today it will demonstrate at CEBIT its first hardware product called Twonav Aventura. This crossover between a portable in-car navigation system and an outdoor GPS handheld is intended as a “no compromise” product according to the company. Pascal Darré, marketing manager at CompeGPS said: “with this product we believe we have the right solution to serve both the expectations of outdoor enthusiasts and car drivers. Drivers will find a navigation system with a 3.5 inches touch screen and high quality software and Tele Atlas map data. Outdoor enthusiasts will have in hand a rugged and waterproof device (IPX7 standard) with dedicated buttons that can run non stop for a minimum of 10 hours (3000 mAh battery) and display both raster and vectorial off-road maps”.

This device running on Windows CE not only has a strong internal battery but it also supports AA batteries for extended outdoor experiences where a wall socket is not an option. CompeGPS, which has been selling outdoor GPS navigation software for years, has established partnerships with a large number of local off-road map providers in Spain, Portugal, Finland, Germany, Africa and Australia. USA is also on its way with USGS topo maps and negotiation with some other map suppliers are expected to be announced in a few months from now.

The company expects to get this new product to the shelves for the summer. “Its price should be in the range of a high end outdoor handheld such as a Garmin Colorado, perhaps around €500”, explained Pascal Darré. “However it is difficult to tell which outdoor map will be bundled with the product, each provider in each country has its own pricing structure, so we will do bundles on a case by case scenario”.

With this product CompeGPS expects to bring a truly dual navigation product, not compromizing on battery life, touchscreen and robustness. However, the 15 people Spanish company will have to make its way to the consumers, not an easy task on a market where Garmin, Magellan and a few others have a dominating presence on shelves space.

Friday, February 29th 2008

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