Coke Launches Tron-Themed Location-Based Game

Coke Launches Tron-Themed Location-Based Game
Coca-Cola, in partnership with Disney for the Tron Legacy movie, launched “Livecycle”, a Tron-themed game that can be played in real life through an iPhone application. An Android Application is also in development and to be shortly available.

The free game uses the smartphone's GPS capabilities to track the player’s movements and allows to create a light wall as he moves. The objective of the game is to force other players to crash into your light wall without crashing into theirs.

In addition, the player’s speed in the real world does affect the power of the light cycle in the game. If the player goes too fast, it will deplete his light cycle's power and he will be forced to stop and recharge.

Watch the trailer of the game below:

Wednesday, December 15th 2010

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