Cobra Combines Laser Gun & Speedcam Detection in one App

Cobra Combines Laser Gun & Speedcam Detection in one App
Cobra Electronics Corporation announced today in the United States the launch of its new Cobra iRadar Detection System that combines radar/laser gun and speed/red light camera detection technology into an iPhone application.

A radar detector attached to the windshield connects via Bluetooth to the iPhone app that centralizes information brought by both the radar detector and the GPS.

"[iRadar] pairs Cobra's industry-leading radar/laser detection technology with iPhone's exceptional display and GPS capabilities to create a truly new standard for detection systems," said Sally Washlow, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics. "What makes using Cobra's iRadar system so remarkable is that it not only provides drivers an unprecedented amount of crucial information, it does so with clarity and convenience."

The Cobra iRadar Detection System has a price of $169.95 and the application that integrates the Aura speedcam/redlight database is available for free.

Thursday, October 14th 2010

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