Child location under fire in France

Today two French association environmental associations started a public relations campaign asking for the ban of Kiditel, a GPS/ GSM locator dedicated to the child market, to be launched this week by CarTelematics, a fleet tracking company. According to the press release distributed by “Agir pour l'Environnement” and “Priartém”, radio waves emitted by GSM phones are dangerous to children and would tremendously increase the risk of developing a brain tumor. Their PR campaign is based on a recent study from Porto Alegre University (Brasil) that would demonstrate that children’s brains would receive 60% more radio waves than adults.

The press release also reminds to the new French President, Mr. Sarkozy, what he said in a speech a few weeks ago about its opposition to mobile phones for children.

Two years ago, the same environmental associations launched an activist campaign against BabyMo, a mobile phone for the 4-8 years old. Following this campaign the phone was removed from the shelves at two French major retailers, Carrefour and BHV; then the Belgian phone importer, ITT, filed a lawsuit against the associations and finally lost it, more or less putting an end to the sale of this handset on the French market.

If the same thing happens again, the market for child location in France might be seriously jeopardized.

Thursday, May 31st 2007

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