CeBIT: deCarta shows off EU version of CNAV platform

CeBIT: deCarta shows off EU version of CNAV platform
At the CeBIT trade show in Hannover this week, LBS provider deCarta is showing up its connected navigation platform for Europe. The software and service will be available in a localised offer to the European market from the End of March 2009, said deCarta.

On the content front, deCarta’s new European CNAV service offers dynamic content from ARC Europe for real time traffic and RoadPilot for European safety camera databases. Customers will be obviously able to add additional content into the deCarta platform , however it probably would have been better for deCarta to source a larger pool of contents provider – such as gas prices, parking availabilities, hotel reservations or road side assistance - to make it even easier for its potential customers to pick and choose content.

On the wireless connectivity front - like in the United States - deCarta is working with Jasper Wireless which offers Western European mobile connection with a standard low-cost data tariff.

Wednesday, March 4th 2009

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