Casio Exilim-H20G Camera Claims In-door Positioning

Casio Exilim-H20G Camera Claims In-door Positioning
At the Photokina trade show in Germany this week, Casio is presenting its first GPS-enabled camera that claims to be able to geo-tag pictures indoors.

The EX-H20G is equipped with GPS and a dead reckoning system.

“Even if no signals are received from GPS satellites when indoors, the system consecutively tracks the user’s location by employing an original algorithm using a three-way accelerometer and a three-way direction sensor”, said Casio’s press release. “When the user goes back outside, the system automatically updates the positional information of the indoor location based on the exact location determined by GPS reception.”

In addition, “Even when the camera is powered off, the GPS system continues to search for satellite signals at 10 minute intervals.”

According to Casio this system does not compromise the battery life of the camera.

World Atlas, geo name database
Furthermore, this digital camera contains world atlas data including detailed maps of 140 world cities and 12 cities in Japan. User’s location and photos and movies taken are displayed on a map. About 10,000 photos of popular sightseeing spots around the world are also included in the internal memory.

A location name database with approximately one million items is included, enabling the camera to display the name of the shooting location on the screen and to embed it in the pictures and movies.

Monday, September 20th 2010

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