CSR and Samsung partner for software-GPS module

CSR claims this software-GPS module is less than half the price of comparable hardware GPS solutions

CSR and Samsung partner for software-GPS module
CSR (LSE: CSR) today announced that it has partnered with Samsung Electro-Mechanics Company to bring to the market a GPS module using its proprietary software GPS solution. “When combined with a typical applications processor, the system achieves tracking sensitivity of -159 dBm and has a cold start acquisition time of less than 40 seconds” said CSR.

Dr. Stuart Strickland, Vice President of CSR’s Location Based Services Business Unit, commented, “Our software architecture already allows the lowest cost design for embedding GPS in high volume applications and we’ve seen strong interest from tier one mobile handset and consumer electronics companies. By partnering with Samsung, we are now able to completely eliminate a complex, risk-laden, and time-consuming step in the product design and integration process, thus making this lower cost alternative available to a much broader range of customers.”

Mr. Sakwan Hong, Vice President of Samsung, added, “With the market for location based services set to boom in 2008, it is crucial that our customers are able to keep pace with the demand. Samsung and CSR’s software GPS solution meets customer performance expectations at a substantially lower cost, so it was a natural progression to partner on this GPS module.”

Software GPS solutions offer better cost because they eliminate the processing power (baseband) in their architecture, but instead rely on the processor of the host solution (PND, PMP, cell phone). This architecture makes sense as far as the processor on the host device is good enough to handle this additional workload. Whether this solution is running well on platforms (PNDs, cell phones) with low end processors has still to be demonstrated. Such demonstration might be on display at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

Monday, January 21st 2008

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