CSR and Rx Networks to enhance GPS positioning with joint solution

CSR and Rx Networks to enhance GPS positioning with joint solution
CSR, a global provider of wireless technologies (Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi), and Rx Networks, Inc. a private mobile positioning technology company, last week announced a GPS solution that combines their respective eGPS and GPStream technologies.

The joint solution combines GPS fine time and frequency aiding (CSR) with synthetic assistance (Rx Networks) to yield mobile positioning performance that exceeds standard Assisted-GPS in unsynchronized GSM and W-CDMA networks or in synchronized CDMA networks.

With the partnership, fine time, frequency aiding, and ephemeris assistance are all generated locally in the device and available at all times without the need for communication with a server. “This eliminates up to 15 seconds of network latency in mobile handset applications while remaining fully compliant with A-GPS industry standards such as SUPL 1.0”, said the press release .

“Rx Networks’ GPStream™ products and technology are a perfect complement to CSR’s location portfolio and provide an important element for assisting our GPS silicon and eGPS software products,” said Stuart Strickland VP for CSR’s LBS Business Unit.

this is another interesting partnership for CSR to reach the fastest time to first fix with a combined solution. Recently the British company also partnered with Skyhook Wireless to integrate Skyhook’s Wi-Fi positioning engine to its Wi-Fi chipsets.

Monday, September 15th 2008

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