Broadcom wins SiRF patent claim in ITC ruling

Broadcom wins SiRF patent claim in ITC ruling
Broadcom Corporation on Friday said the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) rejected claims by GPS chipmaker SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. that two of its GPS patents were infringed by Global Locate, a company Broadcom acquired in July 2007. The ITC also found that the asserted claims of one of SiRF's patents at issue are invalid.

ITC Administrative Law Judge Paul Luckern issued his Initial Determination on Friday, following a six-day trial last March in Washington, D.C. Broadcom's own claims against SiRF went to trial in the ITC last April. An initial determination in that case, heard before Administrative Law Judge Carl Charneski, is expected by August 8, 2008.

Global Locate filed six claims of patent infringement against SiRF in the ITC, plus four claims in U.S. District Court prior to its acquisition by Broadcom. Additionally, last month, Broadcom filed four additional, separate claims against SiRF in U.S. District Court.

Side effect
This legal warfare between SiRF and Broadcom has also a side effect. As long as these trials continue it is unlikely SiRF would be able to get acquired by a bigger semiconductor company – an acquisition that many financial analysts see as the only option for SiRF moving forward.

Therefore it is easy to understand Broadcom has no real reason to shorten its litigation with SiRF, despite a public statement of David Rosmann, Broadcom's Vice President, Intellectual Property Litigation who said on Friday: "We filed our May lawsuit after numerous good faith attempts by Broadcom to resolve the patent disputes between us and SiRF earlier this year. […] we remain open to reaching a mutually acceptable resolution in these disputes”.

Monday, June 16th 2008

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