Broadcom debuts single-Chip GPS for mobile devices

Broadcom debuts single-Chip GPS for mobile devices
Broadcom Corporation today announced its first single-chip global positioning system (GPS) solution, born from the integration of the Global Locate acquisition last June for US$226 million.

The BCM4750 is a single-die CMOS GPS receiver used for tracking and navigation, primarily in mobile devices. It is designed to interface with host processors in mobile phones, PDAs, Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs), and MP3 players. The receiver makes full use of the Global Locate architecture, and can measure “the faintest GPS signals deep indoors and in urban canyon environments at signal levels as low as -162 dBm” said the company. Broadcom also highlights the low power consumption of this new chip consuming less than 15 mW while navigating with one second map updates.

Connected or disconnected devices
The BCM4750 is both suited for disconnected or connected devices. Products that include network connectivity, such as wireless PNDs and cellular phones, are able to exploit the full feature set of the BCM4750 software solution. These features include Assisted GPS (AGPS) and long-term orbit (LTO) extended ephemeris assistance, reducing TTFF to less than one second in many conditions. In all cases, Broadcom provides both the chip and the software including AGPS stacks and client software.

Broadcom also maintains a worldwide reference network with land-based GPS receivers located around the earth's equator, and carrier hardened servers to collect and provide AGPS and LTO data directly to GPS equipped cellular phones and wireless PNDs.

The BCM4750 also integrates a number of external components, resulting in a small footprint to design GPS into mobile devices. A complete GPS solution featuring the BCM4750 will use less than 35 mm2 of board space, including all of the necessary components for a typical cellular phone implementation.

Tuesday, September 25th 2007

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