Bring the Complexity of the GNSS World back to your Lab (Advertorial)

Introducing the Affordable Record & Playback System from the leaders in GNSS test

Spirent GSS6400 Record and Playback System
Spirent GSS6400 Record and Playback System
Achieving the performance and user experience expected by consumers and demanding professional users alike is a real and present challenge for those involved in navigation and positioning systems today. One key element of the challenge is to test performance in challenging real world environments. The new GSS6400 Record and Playback System, from Spirent is designed to help solve these challenges.

Spirent’s Record and Playback System readily enables the full complexity of real-world signal environments to be captured and subsequently replayed in the laboratory. The record and playback approach dramatically reduces the need for field testing, with the additional benefit that the same captured complex signal conditions can be repeatedly replayed. This approach not only reduces the time and money spent in field tests, it also helps to improve device performance as run-to-run changes due to differing live sky signal conditions are eliminated.

Consumer navigation and positioning products have to operate in very challenging signal environments such as urban canyons, indoors, under flyovers and so on. Recreating these environments synthetically, for example using a simulator, takes time as well as considerable knowledge and skill. With the Spirent GSS6400 record and playback system the full richness of these environments can be captured and later replayed at the press of a button. Spirent’s self-contained product is ready to use out of the box, and is designed specifically to capture signal conditions with sufficient fidelity to provide meaningful test results, even in low signal, complex situations.

Bring the Complexity of the GNSS World back to your Lab (Advertorial)
Bring the Complexity of the GNSS World back to your Lab (Advertorial)
The GSS6400 complements Spirent’s established range of navigation and positioning simulation systems. While simulators generate the specific controlled signals which are needed to develop and test the performance of navigation and positioning systems, the GSS6400 captures the full “richness” of the real world environment which can then be replayed in the lab. The captured data includes real world fades, multipath and in-band interference as well as direct signals from GNSS satellites.

This combination of features and performance make the GSS6400 the best value and easiest to use system on the market today.

The GSS6400 is designed to capture complex environments efficiently and with the fidelity to ensure playback that is truly representative of challenging real world conditions. Other solutions either lack the required level of fidelity or require huge data storage and complex expensive equipment. The Spirent GSS6400 unit is appropriate for a wide range of test applications, from optimization of GNSS chipset performance in difficult environments through to testing mapping applications and location enabled services.

The key benefits of the GSS6400 Record Playback System (RPS) from Spirent
One box – a complete and easy to use solution

The GSS6400 is a self-contained unit with everything you need to start testing. It is the easiest to use solution on the market. Many other systems require peripherals such as personal computers, hard drives, external power and cabling. With the GSS6400 it’s simply a case of connecting the supplied antenna and pressing the one touch record button. When done, select the required file from the two line display and press the play button and the captured data is replayed at RF. With a 500 GB internal hard drive up to 30 hrs of signal can be recorded. In the laboratory, data can be downloaded using a high speed SATA connection, or USB and the unit can be controlled remotely over the network.


Thursday, January 13th 2011

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