Booyah MyTown Reached 2 Million Users Milestone

Booyah MyTown Reached 2 Million Users Milestone
Palo Alto-based locative gaming company Booyah announced this week that MyTown, their “real-world monopoly” game, reached over two million iPhone users in the United States. The population of the app grows more than 100,000 players each week and users spend more than an hour per day in the app, on average.

MyTown is a kind of real-world monopoly that uses GPS or Wi-Fi location to check-in at real locations (such as shops or restaurants) to unlock rewards. Players can buy and upgrade shops, enjoying virtual ownership of their favorite real-life places.

Some weeks ago, Booyah partnered with youth-oriented apparel retailer H&M and national cable network Travel Channel to offer both in-game and real world rewards. “During the H&M campaign MyTown players that “checked-in” to a retail, shopping center or female-centric location (such as a spa, hair salon, etc.) near H&M stores were able to unlock H&M virtual items that unlocked real-world discounts,” explained Booyah.

Booyah is also releasing version 3 of their application this week. This new version adds new gameplay elements, allowing users to better customize their properties.

Unlike Foursquare, which has been available outside of the United States for some times, Booyah has not yet launched elsewhere. We can however expect a launch in Europe “very soon”, wrote Booyah’s CEO Keith Lee in an email to GPS Business News.

Learn more about Booyah:
Watch here our video interview with Keith Lee (March 2010).

Thursday, May 6th 2010

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