Bardin, Waze “Our Users Have Driven 1.5 Billion Kms Last Month“ (Video)

Bardin, Waze “Our Users Have Driven 1.5 Billion Kms Last Month“ (Video)
Noam Bardin, CEO of Waze was interviewed on stage at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference last week.

Noam Bardin said that Waze currently has 110 employees, 44 million users - including 12 million in the U.S. - with 1.5 Billion kms driven in March alone.

The CEO of the Israeli start-up emphasized a lot about the value of maps. His three freshness of the map, navigability and coverage

Bardin sees his company has a direct competitor to Google and believes that TomTom and Nokia (NAVTEQ maps) will have difficulties to maintain their map quality in a mobile world driven by an advertising business model radically different from their current licensing business model.

Bardin also discussed advertising on Waze and the fact that the most successful advertising formats in mobile are going to be native to particular apps and specific experience, for example different between Waze and Foursquare.

He also indicated at the end of the interview that Waze we will ultimately extend the experience from cars to pedestrian.

Watch the full (30 min) video interview below:

Tuesday, April 30th 2013

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