Artilium Promises Always On LBS Apps Without Battery Drain

Artilium Promises Always On LBS Apps Without Battery Drain
Artilium, a Dutch provider of services to Wireless Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) has announced the launch of its Continuous Location Client technology (CLC) for the Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry platforms.

The CLC runs in the background on the smartphone, using multiple location technologies (including GPS and cell network information) to provide power and bandwidth efficient location data to Artilium’s Presence Server.

According to Artilium, “this makes it possible to have a location feed running all day, without emptying the user’s battery or using up their data allowance.”

The locations are all stored on Artilium’s Presence Server, ready for intelligent processing. Server stored location is a fundamental change from applications that check location on demand. Server-based notification means location-aware applications can be anywhere - the handset, the desktop, or in the cloud. Therefore, user’s location can be shared independent of handset, platform, or network.

Server-based location also delivers intelligent location processing. For example, the server can profile a user’s movements and determine frequently visited locations, their ‘places’. Applications can then register to be notified when a user is at that place (for example, “at work”). From a management, developer, and user’s point of view, everything provided by the server is opt-in.

The showcases for this new product will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month and the availability is expected in Spring 2011.

Artilium is listed on the London Stock Exchange; revenues for the year ended 30 June 2010 were €3.2 million and the company incurred an operating loss of €3.9 million.

Monday, January 24th 2011

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