Apple, Eye-Fi launch geotagging camera card for Mac

Apple, Eye-Fi launch geotagging camera card for Mac
Eye-Fi Inc. yesterday unveiled the Eye-Fi Geo card, a new Wi-Fi SD memory card exclusive to Apple that allows users to automatically upload photos from a digital camera to a computer and offers lifetime geotagging service. The 2GB Eye-Fi Geo card is available exclusively at Apple stores and for $59.99.

“Apple users want simplicity and an effortless user experience, so it’s not surprising that a significant number of our users are on Macs,” said Jef Holove, CEO of Eye-Fi. “The Eye-Fi Geo is the perfect companion for iPhoto’s new ‘Places’ application to pinpoint photos on a digital map so memories are displayed in a richer, more meaningful way.”

How does it work?
The geotagging is made through post processing Wi-Fi signals where the picture was taken using Skyhook Wireless technology. As a consequence in order to be geotagged pictures need to be taken in places where there is a Wi-Fi signal which has been mapped by Skyhook Wireless. Unlike a GPS solution, pictures taken outside an urban environment are likely to have no geotag.

Eye-Fi Explore, the previous geotagging card from Eye-Fi, was launched in May 2008 for $129 (read more here).

Thursday, July 30th 2009

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