Appello Released Local iPhone Apps under Wisepilot Brand

Appello Released Local iPhone Apps under Wisepilot Brand
Swedish mobile navigation provider Appello this week released a set of off-board turn-by-turn navigation applications targeted at European iPhone consumers.

Countries where the application is available with traffic information (provided by NAVTEQ) are UK (£37.99), France (€49.99), Belgium (€49.99) and Germany (€49.99). The same application, without traffic service is also available in Spain (€39.99) and Portugal (€39.99). This pricing covers a 24 months license, including traffic where available.

Appello is usually providing off-board navigation software via wireless operators, although this time it is directly targeting consumers.

“We are releasing these apps in countries where our wireless operators partners are not present”, explained Leif Sundström, Vice President and General Sales Director at Appello in an interview with GPS Business News. “our partnership with Sony Ericsson put some strength behind the Wisepilot brand so we thought we could leverage this brand smartly in areas not conflicting with our core B2B business.”

"Shortly there will be more markets coming and these will be mainly outside Europe," he also added.

Thursday, September 2nd 2010

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