AirSage launches developer zone for its U.S. traffic data

AirSage launches developer zone for its U.S. traffic data
AirSage yesterday announced the launch of its Developer Zone, an opportunity for the developer community to gain open access to the company’s real-time traffic information that currently covers 50 markets across the United States. AirSage traffic information is based on monitoring the anonymous signals of approximately 50 million cell phones that produce an average of 1.2 billion location events per day. On these US markets, AirSage provides speed and travel time information for urban and rural interstates, freeways and arterials.

The Atlanta-based company has been sharing its data with developers for some time, but until now there was no formal process. On the website developers will be able to access an actual data feed as well as a map overlay for one test market. Additional markets may be made available on request.

“The AirSage Developer Zone allows us to lower the barriers and reach out to consumers as well as product development interests,” said Cy Smith, AirSage’s founder and CEO. “This cooperative exchange will undoubtedly lead to the development of a creative, entrepreneurial community that we hope will open exciting new markets for all parties involved.”

Tuesday, May 6th 2008

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