ARC Europe Generates Crowd-Sourced Traffic data with Mobile Apps

ARC Europe Generates Crowd-Sourced Traffic data with Mobile Apps
ARC Europe, which federates European automobile clubs to provide pan European traffic information services, will generate crowd sourcing traffic information data from their travel and traffic information mobile apps, starting with Germany.

ADAC, member of the ARC Europe network, has indeed released in Germany its second version of “ADAC Maps”, a free iPhone application providing mobility solutions for road users including traffic conditions and interactive route planning, and integrating a crowd sourcing functionality.

The application is available for free on iTunes’ appstore for ADAC members and can be purchased for 14.99€ by non-ADAC members. ADAC currently has 17 million members in Germany.

This source of information will be merged with the traffic information already available from other sources such as police reports, jambusters, traffic cams, road sensors, floating car data, cellular floating vehicle data, etc.

More applications are expected to be launched by other European automobile clubs in the coming months. Their base of 48 million members makes it a large channel to promote mobile apps and a sizeable opportunity for ARC Europe to leverage crowd sourced data.

Tuesday, January 11th 2011

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