A1 Austria gives away GPS locator with 2yrs plan

A1 Austria gives away GPS locator with 2yrs plan
in March Wireless operator A1 Austria has started offering "GPS-reporter", a small real-time GPS tracking device, for free to subscribers taking a 2 years plan at €9 per month. This is a very affordable solution compared to most similar services available across Europe which hardware sells for a minimum of €120 and plan starts at €10.

In this solution, the hardware and online tracking service is provided by MECOMO AG, an Austrian fleet and people tracking business. Without the data plan the same device costs €399 (which is a bit overinflated for such a device).

This type of business model is clearly one wireless operators have been successful at: subsidizing hardware and making money out of voice and data. If wireless operators in other countries get into selling this kind of devices with such business model - at this stage many operators are cautious because of privacy concern – it could be a real boost for this market which is both lacking affordable solutions and consumer awareness.

Thursday, March 26th 2009

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