iOS Game for Passengers Combines Real Driving Data with AR

iOS Game for Passengers Combines Real Driving Data with AR
Japanese companies ZENRIN DataCom and CROSSFADER have jointly created "Manga Drive," a game for iPhone that combines real navigation data with virtual cities.

The game was designed for use in a moving car but obviously Manga Drive is meant for passengers, and not the driver. However progress in the game app depends very much on the smoothness of the actual driving.

The app detects car speed, acceleration and direction in using the smartphone sensor and changes game sequences depending on the traveling direction of the car.

Moreover, the app awards a rating for driving smoothness by using GPS and other information in the real driving mode which alternates with the AR future city mode as the game progresses. While not playing, the driver can nonetheless influence the outcome of the game by driving as smooth as possible.

The game is available worldwide in the app store. It is free to download and paid in-game items are available for purchase as you move up in the game levels.

Watch a video presentation below:

Wednesday, December 4th 2013

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