Simplifying GNSS Testing for Consumer Applications (Advertorial)

Learn how to simplify GNSS testing throughout the value chain from industry leaders, Spirent

Simplifying GNSS Testing for Consumer Applications (Advertorial)
And now, Spirent’s new TestDrive-GNSS software makes harnessing the full power of our simulation systems even easier. It delivers pre-defined test scenarios and comprehensive, automated reporting – making high quality, standardised testing straightforward, and helping to accelerate the testing process.

Our belief in the power of simplicity also extends to the way in which we deploy our RF simulation software. Available in three graded packages, testing teams can choose the initial level of functionality they need, and instantly upgrade as and when they find it necessary. Equally, new satellite constellations and signal simulation solutions (such as Wi-Fi signal simulators) can be added quickly and easily to meet multi-GNSS and hybrid positioning testing needs.

Simplifying Field Tests
While RF simulation enables faster, simpler and more comprehensive GNSS performance testing, discovering how your GNSS receiver responds to real-world conditions and signals remains a crucial step in the development of any location-aware device.

But field testing location-aware technology can be extremely costly and complicated: from the logistics of transporting equipment to and from different test sites, to the impossibility of ever repeating a test under identical – and thus comparable – conditions.

The simple solution is to record real-world signal environments in all their richness, and replay them in the lab. The record and playback approach not only minimises the time and money cost of repeated excursions into the field, but enables meaningful and comparative performance testing against authentic live sky conditions.

Simplifying GNSS Testing for Consumer Applications (Advertorial)
Simplifying GNSS Testing for Consumer Applications (Advertorial)
Spirent’s record and playback system, the GSS6400, unmatched ease of use. A portable, self-contained unit with a built-in display, it records live GNSS signals in the optimal level of detail at touch of a button. Back at the lab, the data can be downloaded by USB or high speed SATA connection and replayed at will – enabling you to cut test cycles, enhance GNSS receiver performance, and get higher quality location-aware devices to market faster.

Simplify Today
To discover how Spirent’s solutions can remove the complexity from your own GNSS testing processes, simply contact your local Spirent representative. We’ve also created a Simplifying Testing Resource Centre. Visit it now to read about more simplifying testing throughout the value chain, and to download our free eBook: Five Steps to Simpler GNSS Testing.

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Thursday, April 5th 2012

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