Liveblog from TomTom Event in Amsterdam (April 17 - 1:30pm CET)

Taking place in Amsterdam, a few hundred meters from TomTom Headquarters, this launch event is gathering 100-200 journalists and TomTom customers (Toyota is here among others).

Getting started...

1:35 starting a bit late...

Corinne Vigreux takes the stand
Products will be king today she said
Our vision has not changed, affordable easy to use products
Quickly becoming the traffic authority
New concept using traffic at the heart of new products

Head of global marketing Gary Raucher coming up
Reposition TomTom brand
TomTom was about going from A to B
"Where do you want to be?" New tagline it seems

Topic: GPS watches
Athletes want to be concentrated on their sport, not their watches. Today product a bit cumbersome

TomTom Runner and TomTom Multisport watches launched today
50g, just one button, no word on price yet...

Running athlete on stage. Blabla bla...

Back to navigation...
Survey shown on stage untapped market for navigation 39% never used navigation. Why, because they commute, do not need nav

TomTom commute concept: what is the fast way to go home

PND is back?
Most important factor in decrease of PND market is the lack of innovation. 84% PND users would like another PND

New TomTom GO launched.

Head of user experience on stage.
Map at the heart
Easy new search
Traffic at the center
Optimized for use everyday, even if you know where you are going.

Map as the key user interface.
Improving the use of traffic, included lifetime traffic with the product. Show delayed time of traffic item on your route
Include information of when you encounter traffic jam, warning if you are driving too fast.

Powered and magnetic dock.
Daily destinations shown pn the map with an icon
3D buildings, landmarks
Night mode

CEO. Taking the stage.
We are slightly repositioning our brand
We can unlock the potential of our brand further
Excited to launch our first TomTom branded watch

All our new devices feature traffic
We are also supplying our traffic to automotive
We are changing the user paradigm today. More context, more information, providing choice for drivers
15,000 devices sold per day
Not only a new PND
To our friends of the auto industry: we are bringing new components to you based on these new approaches.


Wednesday, April 17th 2013

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