Coyote: 1m Paid Apps Downloaded

Coyote: 1m Paid Apps Downloaded
Last week speedcam warning system provider iCoyote announced to have reach one million paid downloads of their mobile application iCoyote in four years.

According to data from mobile statistics provider Priori, the iCoyote app enjoyed around 5,000 downloads on Android (€0.89) and 55,000 on iOS (€1.79) in the last 30 days. The app gives free access to the service for 30 days then the driver shall take a monthly (€11.99) or yearly subscription (€49.99).

In our latest interview (here), Coyote CEO Didier Quillot said: “we have about 350,000 iCoyote app subscribers in France alone.“

Coyote also said in their press release that their app users have driven 38 million kms in 2012 and shared 12.5 million informations with the community.

Monday, July 15th 2013

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